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 Warriorcats #2: NightFall - Allegiances

Joined: Fri Jun 13, 2014 1:36 pm
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Sat Jun 14, 2014 8:26 pm


Bane's Pack:

Leader: Bane- Handsome, muscular brown tom with dark brown stripes. Dark hazel eyes. (Mate of Star)

Deputy: Star- Beautiful, thin grey she-cat with white paws and ears. Icy blue eyes. (Mate of Bane)

Med. Cat: GorseWind- Crippled, rather clumsy, light grey tom. Jet black eyes.


Ashsun- Jet black tom with misty grey (clouded) eyes.

DuskStorm- Light bluish-grey she-cat with a mysterious scar across hip. Light blue eyes.

SpiderClaw- Dark grey (almost black) Tom with unusual white stripes. Light hazel eyes.

FeatherDust- Beautiful ginger she-cat with majestic white swirls. Dark brown eyes.

TigerWing- Dark brown tom with black stripes and ears. Green eyes (flecks of brown).

DawnLeap- Light grey she-cat with dark hazel eyes.

BrambleFang- Handsome black tom with dark brown stripes and paws. Light blue eyes.

RabbitStripe- Handsome white tom with black smudges on flank and muzzle. Charming blue eyes.

LionBristle- Handsome bronze tom with dark black stripes. Dark hazel eyes.

 SkyBreeze- White she-cat with icy blue eyes.


Sunpaw- Light brown tom, with one jet black paw. Light blue eyes.

Streampaw- Light grey she-cat with misty blue eyes.

Shadowpaw- Handsome dark grey tom with dark brown eyes.


DarkLeg- Jet black Tom with light gray legs. Dark blue eyes.

TimberEye- Grey tom with dark black stripes. Light hazel eyes.

SkyOtter- Milky white she-cat with icy blue eyes.





Leader: Stonestar- Tall, thin, black tom with one dark grey ear. Eyes are mysteriously grey and glassy.

Deputy: DappledLion- Handsome bronze tom with thin jet black stripes along his back and tail. Dark blue eyes.

Med. Cat: TallStorm- Tall, Handsome white tom with broad shoulders and dark hazel eyes (speckled with dark blue).

Med. Cat Apprentice: Mosspaw- Jet black tom with white paws and ears. Tip of tail is white, along with dark blue eyes.


HawkPelt- Handsome, muscular, dark brown tom with jet black stripes. Majestic blue eyes.

DawnLight- Light brown (ginger) pelt with beautiful white stripes and ears. Aqua blue eyes.

Sunleg- Bright orange tom with light blue eyes.

Rainwind- Pretty blue-grey she-cat with icy blue eyes.

QuietOwl- Beautiful light grey fur with creamy white paws. Daughter of Stonestar and Rainwind. Light grey eyes like Stonestar's.

PaleSun- Handsome light orange (tinted ginger) flank. Light blue eyes, with flecks of light grey. Mate with HazelWing.

HazelWing- Tortoishell she-cat with mixed orange, white, and brown fur. Icy blue eyes.

Featherstorm- ginger she-cat with white swirls on flanks, sister of HazelWing.

JaggedStripe- Orange tom with white patches of fur along flank and hip. Light blue eyes.

AcornLight- Beautiful, white tabby she-cat with orange flecks along her ears and muzzle. Deep bronzes eyes.


Thornpaw- Handsome light grey, thin, wiry tom with dark brown eyes.

Leafpaw- Dark grey-blue she-cat with beautiful white swirls on flanks. One white paw and light blue eyes.

Mosspaw- Jet black tom with white paws and ears. Tip of tail is white, along with dark blue eyes.

Nightpaw- Dark brown/black she-cat with green eyes.


Bumblekit- Dark brown tom with jet black stripes and ears. Dark hazel eyes.

Flamekit- Bright orange tom with white stripes. Flashy green eyes.

Stormkit- Light ginger she-cat with beautiful swirls on flank. Aqua blue eyes.

( kits of Palesun and Hazelwing )




Berryleg- A short tempered ginger tom with white swirls on flanks. White ears and paws; dark brown eyes.

LeafSun- faded grey she-cat with white tinted ears and paws. Light blue, lively eyes. Mate of FeatherWind. (Aunt of Stonestar)

FeatherWind- dark ginger tom with light blue eyes. Mate of LeafSun. (Uncle of Stonestar)



Cloud- Light grey she-cat with patches of creamy white colour. Light brown eyes. (Rogue)

Tiger - Tan tom with black stripes and paws. Light blue eyes. (Rogue)

Corny- Yellow-ish tom with white swirls on flank. One unusual black paw. (KittyPet)

 Re: Warriorcats2: NightFall - Allegiances

Joined: Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:29 am
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Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:13 am

NICE POST #CLEVERANGEL47smiley AND IT MUST HAVE TAKEN AT LEAST I HOURsurprise TO DO IT BUT COOL THANG BOUT ITyes PS FRIEND MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEwink !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY #puppyicecream53

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