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 Warriorcats #2: NightFall Prologue

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Sat Jun 14, 2014 8:21 pm

Sequel to WarriorCats #1: The Battle of Thorns. All rights reserved to Erin (...)


     Wind whipped through the trees, brushing through the fur of busy cats. Dark clouds hovered menacingly above them. The morning sun shone dimly upon the large clearing, one ray managing to shine upon the narrow entrance. Leafpaw watched as her clan mates struggled to dislodge a branch from the Apprentice's den. DappledLion and PaleSun had been furiously calling out orders, flicking their tail towards every small detail. "Leafpaw, help DawnLight and Rainwind move that branch!"  DappledLion ordered, his slick bronze fur gleaming with perspiration. Leafpaw nodded quickly, scrambling to her paws.

     Thornpaw smirked mockingly. "Still mooning over Lionpaw?" He asked, batting her ear playfully. Leafpaw growled sternly, flexing her claws into the earth with annoyance. "Keep your nose out of this, Thornpaw!" She snapped, cocking her ears forward bitterly. "I bet the one thing he remembers about you is how antagonizing you were!" Thornpaw frowned. "Leafpaw, hurry up!" Rainwind grunted, straining her neck to peer over the branch. Leafpaw sighed and padded over, her paws thudding along the soft earth. Thornpaw watched her leave indignantly.

     "Where are we going to put the branch?" Leafpaw asked as she reached the two she-cats. Rainwind shrugged. "Our main goal is to get it off of your den before it does anymore damage. "She explained shortly, examining the branch. It was a long, thin branch with tough brown bark. Small twigs stuck out of it's sides, with thick clumps of leaves hanging loosely on their tips.  "Maybe we could maneuver it so that the branch could be part of the den." DawnLight suggested, stepping backwards to inspect the small den. The den itself had crumbled down with the force of the limb, leaving only a small section in the corner for a few cats to fit comfortably. DawnLight waved her tail at a certain indention on the side of the den, grinning proudly. "The limb could slip into this crack firmly." She commented, sitting back on her haunches and placing her paws on the branch. Rainwind nodded. "Yea, and we could apply some cobwebs and leaves to patch up the holes." She meowed. Leafpaw tilted her head quizzically. "What if it rained?" She asked, shaking out her fur gruffly. Rainwind shrugged. "It's just temporarily." She meowed, pressing her paws firmly onto the branch. "Lets start moving."

     Leafpaw grunted and she pushed against the tree, her claws hooked steadily into the bark. By now the sun had found its way around the clouds, beaming brightly upon the cats' backs. Palesun nodded with satisfaction. "You're doing great." He meowed, placing his paws along the branch to help. Rainwind  grimaced. DappledLion padded over to watch. "Have any of you seen MossFox lately?" He asked, his voice surprisingly worried. DawnLight shook her head, her fur pricking along her spine. "He's been quiet lately...." Rainwind growled. "He's still recovering. I bet Nightpaw's out walking with him." DawnLight frowned. "Speaking of Nightpaw-" Palesun cut her off with a brisk grunt. "The only cat..." He paused to catch his breath, stepping back from the branch. "We should... Be talking about..." He glared over at Rainwind and DawnLight stubbornly. "Is... Ourselves." Leafpaw sighed, licking her paw quietly. He was right, they'd been blabbering on about nothing for moons now. It's like Mosspaw was all they had to center upon. DappledLion laughed, glancing up at the sky with interest. The sun had risen only shortly so far, which as enough for morning patrol.

     "Alright!" DappledLion announced, leaping onto the Tall Tree swiftly. His gaze swept across the crowd of cats below him plaintively. "You've all done well, and I'm happy to say that at this rate we'll surely be able to reconstruct the dens before the next moon!" Leafpaw yipped happily. Unfortunately, the joy did not last long enough. The sun was beginning to shine brightly upon all of the cats' backs as they looked up at DappledLion. Leafpaw tilted her head. "What's DappledLion doing in the place of Stonestar?" She asked DawnLight, licking down some ruffled fur on her shoulder. DawnLight shrugged, her gingery pelt gleaming brightly. "Stonestar's been busy a lot lately." She meowed shortly. "He's probably trying to stick two and two together, especially after what happened..." She trailed off, knowing this was a sensitive area for Leafpaw.

     "I've decided that you all deserve a short break!" DappledLion continued, breaking through Leafpaw's somber thoughts. "Today's morning patrols will not be quite as long. I want QuietOwl to lead a hunting patrol with AcornLight, Thornpaw, and Sunleg. " He meowed, his gaze resting upon the selected cats calmly. "And I want Jaggedstripe to lead a border patrol with HawkPelt, FeatherStorm, and Leafpaw." Jaggedstripe raised his head in surprise. Leafpaw felt a pang of sympathy for the young warrior. He's never been selected to lead a patrol before. She realized solemnly. Or really anything. Suddenly, she felt a sharp nudge on her shoulder. She turned around to meet nose to nose with Nightpaw. Her usually sleek black fur was ruffled with unease. "I-is everything alright?" Leafpaw asked, half in shock and half in surprise. Nightpaw shook her head. "Mosspaw, he's not doing well." Her voice was soft and pleasing, but there were many small cracks of worry. Leafpaw frowned,  flicking her tail towards a spot under a canopy of trees. "What do you mean by 'not well'?" Leafpaw asked, as soon as they were out of ear-shot. Nightpaw shifted her gaze before answering. "He..." She bit her lip and looked at her paws, a small tear rolling down her cheek. "He's healing up great, really he is, but..." Leafpaw tilted her head quizzically. "But what?" She pressed, her curiosity out-running her patience. Nightpaw sighed, looking up so that Leafpaw could see the new hint of alarm in her expression. All of the sadness and worry was gone. She looked scared. "Lionpaw told him something before he left." Leafpaw's pelt began to bristle, and a sudden feeling erupted inside of her. She gulped hard. "Do you know what he said?" She asked, her voice almost inaudible. Nightpaw nodded. "Mosspaw knows where Lionpaw has gone..." Before Leafpaw could respond, she heard Jaggedstripe called out from his spot beside the entrance. "Hurry up Leafpaw, we haven't got all day!" He sounded nice, but command edged his tone. Leafpaw sighed and turned to leave, her mind twisted in thought. Nightpaw watched her leave in despair. What does this mean? Leafpaw thought, excitement welling up inside of her. Are we yet to see Lionpaw once more?

 Re: Warriorcats #2: NightFall Prologue

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Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:33 pm

Wow, great job! :D

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