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 Warriors Cats: Tails!

Joined: Fri Sep 26, 2014 6:53 pm
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Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:55 pm

    The old she-cat pads through the forest silently, the moon glistening on her pure black pelt. Her muzzel is streaked grey with age. Quietly, she approaches your hiding place. You shrink back in fear, afraid that she may hurt you. Your breath comes fast. The old cat turns towards you, her ice-blue eyes locking with yours. She smiled and then turns towards you.

   "Well hello there, young'un. What brings you out into the forest tonight? Shouldn't you be with your mother? Or maybe with your twolegs?" the old feline asked.

   You shake your head in a no. The she-cat's eyes fill with sadness.

   "I see..." she purred. "You're barely 5 moons old, and not having a mother there is hard. Are you hungry? I may be old, but I can still hunt."

    You nod. You're not just hungry, your starving. Ever since your mother died, you had been alone and cold. 

    The old she-cat tells you to stay were you are, and then pads off into the trees to hunt. You wait for her to come back. Finnaly, she bounds through the undergrowth to you, carrying two mice.

    She places the mice on the ground at your paws. "Eat up. You look thin."

    You gobble down one of the mice. It has been long since you last ate.

    As you finish, you gaze back up at the old she-cat. Her blue eyes are kind, yet...... sad as well. Her tail flicks calmly back and forth.

   "Th- thank you....." you purr.

    The old she-cat smiles and lies down. "Best thing I can do nowadays, help cats." she sighed.

    "What's your name?" you ask her.

    "I've gone by many names in my life; some good, some bad. I don't really have a name now. I was the last one, you know." the she-cat mewed.

    "The last one?" you ask."The last one of what?"

    She sighed. "I am the only clan cat left. I suppose you want to hear our story?"

    You feel a slight chill at the word clan. As if it were special. Like.... the stuff of legends, of fables, of old myths passed down through the generations. You gaze up at the old she cat's blue eyes.

    "Yes. Yes, I do."

    The she cat purred. "Very well. And for your information.." At this she stood up.

    "They call me the Knower."



      So, I'm starting a new series of short stories. They are called Warriors Cats: Tails! It's set in the world of Erin Hunter's book series, Warriors. They will be short legends and stories about the clan cats. This is simply the introduction page. The stories will come later. Here's what it's about:

      After the Great Battle, the clans lived on for hundreds of moons. Of course, they were faced with problems, but they continued on. One fateful day changed everything....

      The Thunderclan camp is was once a twoleg stone quarry (look at the maps, it's real.) The twolegs eventually abandoned the quarry. Many moons later, the Clans came to the lake and Thunderclan settled in the abandoned quarry. Eventually, the Twolegs needed to use the stone quarry again. They sent some workers to check it out and see what damage had happened over the years. The workers saw all the cats and were confused. Of course, they decided to take them to animal shelters and get them adopted. The next day, more twolegs arrived. They messed up the dens as the tried to catch the cats. Several cats were carried away. The remaining members of Thunderclan fled to the moor to find Windclan. They asked Windclan for shelter, but they denied it, as well as the other clans. Thunderclan tried to return to their camp, but whenever they did, the twolegs were there, working at the stone quarry. Furious that the other clans wouldn't give them protection, some Thunderclan members declared war on the other clans. Other Thunderclan members didn't want to fight the other clans, they believed peace was best. This caused a civil war in Thunderclan. Other clans got involved. It got very bloody. There was war. Starclan fought as well. The Starclanners only stayed with the cats from their clan. This continued until almost every cat was dead. 

    There were a few left. A couple from each clan. Most of them left the lake. Others found twoleg homes. Eventually, the only cats left from Thunderclan was their dying leader and a young kit. As the leader was about to die, he told the young kit that she was the only one left. He entrusted her to remember the clans, to be the last one. He gave her a new name- The Knower. The Knower is the keeper of the clans' legends. Even if the clans are long gone, their memory lives on in her..........


                                   This Short Story Series is dedicated to Falconpaw.

                                   You fuffiled the prophecy, through and through

                                           Phoenixclan shall always honor you


          Hope you enjoy the series! The stories will be posted as soon as I get them done. What do you want some of the stories to be about? The stories will be legends from the clans. Its like the Knower is telling you the stories. They can be about the cats from the books, original characters, random cats, etc.




 Re: Warriors Cats: Tails!

Joined: Fri Sep 26, 2014 6:53 pm
Posts: 9
Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:38 pm


I'm changing the story! I decided to cut out the knower thing. It's less complicated now. The new introduction thread is located in the Short Fiction discussion area. I'll be posting the stories soon, thanks!

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