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 Witch and Wizard: Brother and Sister Forever: Volume 1 FULL!

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Wed Dec 10, 2014 4:04 am
Volume One:
The Unexplainable
Chapter One:
The day the soldiers came was a very sorrowful beginning to the day. They kicked the door, causing it to slam onto the floor. Christopher was then waking up, but I was wide awake and running to see them.
"Get her!" yelled a soldier with an old voice.
Christopher walked into the room. He looked very startled to be awake in the middle of the night because of soldiers.
A soldier grabbed me and handcuffed me. "You are under a new law. Your new master will not tolerate any unworthiness against him."
I was confused, "Who is he?"
"You will see once we get there prisoner."
I then got angry. My hand turned into some sort of gel that slipped out of the handcuffs. Now, the door opened again. The other soldier threw Christopher in here.
"Wh-wh-what's h-h-hap-penning Courtney?" Christopher asked in a scared voice. He
was only 7, I was 13.
"I don't know Chrisy, I don't know." I said as I changed my hands back to normal and put the handcuffs back on. Then, I hugged him as best as I could becasue of the handcuffs.
Chapter Two:
The Black Order
I was startled by their first apearance at our house. I was in a dream where I was sleeping, then - BOOM - there are the guards and the soldiers marchingn through our house like they were allowed in. I tried to stop them, but I just ran in fear.
"Mommy! Daddy!" I yelled. They ran into the room as fast as their legs could carry them.
"What are you doing here?!" Dad yelled at a soldier, "You're suppose to be dead!"
Mom asked me, "Where is Courtney?"
"They took her away as I tried to get her away from them."
"Oh, no."
Mom got up and ran to their room. She ran back with auto-pistols and gave one to Dad. They both fired at them as I ran behind them. The guards inside the house were out, now we just had to get the ones on the outside. But there was one more inside.
He grabbed me and ran for it, then stuffed me with Courtney inside the van. (...)
"Where are you taking them?" Mom asked the driver in the front with her gun raised.
"The Black Order, The King, The Judge, The Orac-" he said until Mom (...).
"That's all we needed to know, " said Mom as she walked away and opened the doors to the van.
"Where are we going?" Courtney asked.
"The Black Order," she said as she got us out of the van.
Chapter Three:
"Mom, why would they come to our house when we didn't do anything?" I asked my mother anxiously.
"I don't want to talk about it right now. I will talk to you and Christopher later about it." answered my mother as we started to walk toward the first Black Order building.
"Let us do this by ourselves. I need you to stay out here by ourselves and protect us by killing all of the people that try to come into this building." said my father (...)
"Okay," I answered.
It took about two hours for them to empty the building. We walked around the town until the first few buildings were empty and no more people were in them.
"Mom? Will you talk to us about the reason the soldiers came to our house?" I asked my mother.
"Alright, Courtney. You have something special inside of you. So does your brother." said my mother.
"What is it?"
"Magic. Courtney, you are a witch. Christopher, you are a wizard."
Chapter Four:
Oh, No.
I could not believe my ears. My mother, the one who gave birth to me, just said I am a wizard. How crazy is that?
"Mother, that is not possible," said Courtney in a unsatisfactory voice. Then, she pulled out her favorite drumstick, she called it Drummer2002. It turned into a wand. She looked at it as Mom told her to look at her.
Mom raised her hands, blue crystals hovered over them. Mom was a witch too. Courtney ran up to it and looked straght into it.
"Christoper, look into my magic." said my father. I obeyed him. "Now look in your blank journal."
I opened it and looked inside. It was filled with spells. I now tested my magic. A small flame came out of my hand and hit Courtney.
"OW!" she screamed as she shot a bolt of ice magic at me. I felt the frostbite crawl through my skin.
"OW!" I yelled back.
"Okay, let me get this straght." Courtney started, "I have ice powers, Christopher has fire powers. We don't know your powers!?"
Mom told her, "I have the powers of the wind."
Dad said, "I have the powers of the earth."
Then, a group of soldiers came up and said, "Put your hands up! You are under arrest for being accused of witchcraft and wizardry!" Mom and Dad both ran up and used their magic on them.
"Oh, no." I thought to myself, "They are going to get themselves killed!"
Chapter Five:
Who Are You?
I just found out that I had powers and then after I found out -POOF- there are some soldiers there to take me away. That was a very wierd moment for me and I had to do something when Mom and Dad ruhed up and used their magic. I took out my wand.
"HERE IT IS!" He yelled back as he threw it across the street. I flipped through the pages until I found ice magic and studied it very hard.
"SHAZAM!" I yelled at the guards as ice bolts shaped like lightning flew from my fingertips. They were sharp as a knife, not a butterknife.
"AHH!" They yelled as the bolts went through their bodies.
Mom and Dad rushed up to me and yelled in unison, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!"
"The guards are gone and all dead, I have saved the day. We need to get to the next buiding and empty it." I barked orders at them.
We rushed into the building, hoping that no more soldiers would come and see us. We used our magic to get to the top where a man was sitting in a pitch black chair. He turned his chair around and said, "I didn't think I would see you here. You must be the family of wizards and witches, the Bringhams."
"Who are you?" I asked the man in the chair.
"I am The King of the Black Order, young lady. Please have a seat so we can discuss this." he answered in a shocked tone.
"No. We won't." Mom said as if she were going to use her powers to blow him out of the window.
"Okay, suit yourself." he said as he disappeared, "I also have magic too. It is called illusion powers." he said as he appeared right before us, "I would like to have you as my friends in peace and power."
"We would love to," started Dad, "but we do not ensure the safety of our family. We can be friends, but will not live in the castle."
"Okay, deal set." said The King of the Black Order, "Please call me Franklin."
Chapter Six:
I don't trust the king one single bit. Once he says he has an offer set, he never has it set perfectly. I know he won't be able to stop me, but I want to go home again.
"Christopher, will you like to see the castle? Same with you Courtney?" I gave Courtney a quick glance as she looked at me.
"We would be delighted." said Courtney.
"Good," said Franklin, "Follow me." (...)
"Hopefully, we can just be friends," said Courtney.
"I agree," said Franklin. Suddenly, he seemed so much better once you started to know the guy.
"I hope we will be allies as well in times of war," I said too.
"I think we will be good allies and friends," said Franklin. He looked as if he were going to see to our every whim.
He led us out of the building, through the streets, and into the castle. It was beautiful with it's paintings of beauty and luxury.
"Okay, it is time for you to go, your parents are waiting at the doors." said Franklin after a walk through the castle.
"Okay," we answered as we ran to Mom and Dad. I guess we can trust Franklin.
Chapter Seven:
The Plan
As soon as we got to the house, Mom was ready to lay out an idea.
"We need a plan. I don't trust the king at all." Mom started, "Maybe we can go in through the back and sneak up and take him prisoner. Courtney, you will have to use your magic. Your father and I will use ours to ta-"
"No. That would never work. There guards in and out of the palace and the work building. We need a better idea, Anglica." said our father.
"Maybe, while he is in bed asleep, we can go in and use laughing gas to keep him asleep as we carry him away. Once he wakes up in our cell, we will confront him of what he has done to anyone." I said as fast as I could.
"That is a very good idea, Courtney." said Christopher, "But where are we going to get the laughing gas?"
"From one of the Black Order's hospitals."
"Isn't that dangerous?"
"Dangerous is my middle name."
"Okay, just don't say I didn't warn you."
Mom and Dad both said, "No."
"WHAT?! That is the best plan ever."
"Nope." said my mother.
So, we discussed the plan, making sure our ends were squeaky clean. This plan was sure to keep him asleep as we use our magic to carry him back. Once we get back, he will be asleep. "Franklin" will be confronted and we will all be safe after we destroyed all of the guards.
Chapter Eight:
We woke up at about 4:30 AM and went into the street at 5:00 AM. We stayed there for 5 minutes and discussed our plan. Then, we walked down the street. Magic is no big deal. Just a few measly tints to make our plan better.
Once we got to the palace doors, we walked in and I opened the spellbook. There were so many spells inside for so many differant elements! I opened my hand and mouthed one of the fire spells, but something terrible happened. Actual fire shot out of my hands and onto the couch. Flames erupted everything.
"Christopher!" yelled my father. The spellbook had water spells too. I mouthed one of them and water shot out of my hand, something that shouldn't have happened. There was no more fire anywhere, but there was some angry stomping heading our way.
"WHO'S IN HERE?!" yelled a voice.
Mom said in a very wierd voice, "We wanted to come and stay the night here, Franklin. It was very cold at our house, and it was so warm here. We just couldn't resist."
Franklin calmed down and said, "Oh, okay. You all may stay here anytime if you like."
"Thank you," Mom said as Franklin went back to bed. Then, she ran up to me and said, "How did you use more than one element. That is not possible. Christopher, this is very important. You are very special, the spellcaster is you."
Chapter Nine:
This could not be possible. My brother could master all of the elements of magic, leaving me, Mom, and Dad behind him. I was only ice.
I laid down with my little brother in a guest bed and hummed him a lullaby. Somehow, that got him asleep. I closed my eyes and hoped that there would be no more intrusions.
The next morning, we were all gathered in the dining hall for breakfast.
"How did you all sleep?" asked Franklin.
"Very good, thank you." I answered.
"I slept good too." said Christopher.
"Are you ready for breakfast?" he asked, "We're having waffles."
After we ate, we all went outside and talked.
"WHAT'S A SPELLCASTER?" I yelled. Mom explained that a spellcaster is someone that can master all of the elements and take over the Black Order. He/she can have three companions. That would be us.
"I don't want to hurt Franklin, I just want the Black Order to fall. Children are being hurt, even killed! I can't let this keep happening. He may stay the ruler of this land, but his nation of evil needs to fall," said Christoper.
"Let's get started." said my mother, "with your training."
Chapter Ten:
The Death of Mary Bringham
I was ready to start my training, my very first lesson was to make a rainbow. That was part of the water. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them . . . my mother and father were on the ground . . . dead.
I killed them on accident. The end of the Bringham family was about to collapse when they both woke up, but only one of them got up. That was my mother.
Mom was hurt, I had to get her to the hospital. Franklin had hospitals. I ran to the house and got him. He tended to her, but when he came back. She wasn't here.
I was a murderer, even to my own mother.
I hope you like my very first science fiction novel of the Witch and Wizard: Brother and Sister Forever series! Please leave a comment or put a like in the comment section! Thank you and I hope you enjoyed it. PLEASE FRIEND ME!

 Re: Witch and Wizard: Brother and Sister Forever: Volume 1 F

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Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:43 am

ok it feels like you're ripping of james patterson's book called witch and wizard

 Re: Witch and Wizard: Brother and Sister Forever: Volume 1 F

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Wed Apr 22, 2015 12:13 am

Now, I could only get so far before I was utterly confused. Maybe it's just that it's a rough draft, but I didn't really get it all. 

 Re: Witch and Wizard: Brother and Sister Forever: Volume 1 F

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Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:37 pm

cool story, I like it

 Re: Witch and Wizard: Brother and Sister Forever: Volume 1 F

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Thu May 12, 2016 7:44 pm

Quite intresting. I like it a lot.

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