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 WM's Untitled, ch.6

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Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:52 pm
      Panic raced through David. His mind had been ambushed and he had lost control of his body. What could he do to regain control? Yet among all the uncertainty, there was one clear goal. His body had been captured and he would try to get ti back. He would get it back. He must get it back.
      That one goal in mind, he focused all of his will power on pushing out the alien. With both David and the alien struggling for power, the friction in the brain was to great. David's body collapsed to the ground as the on going battle raged inside.
      Fighting hard, David felt something tug near the edge of his mind. Ignoring it, he kept fighting until it tugged again. This time the pull got his attention. Directing his power on where the pull had come, he tugged on what seemed to be a lifeline of light.
      Suddenly, the battle was over. The strange presence had retreated to the far corners of his mind and he'd regained control over his body. When he opened his eyes (for real  this time). David was startled to find he was lying on the ground. He lay there for awhile, tired mentally as well as physically.
      I'm glad that's over, he thought. I don't know if I'll be able to fight him off again. That thought made him jolt upright. What if there was another attack? He had barely been able to win this one. He needed to get help.
      But who would help him? The police and his parents would probably send him to a hospital if he tried to explain. His friends would think it was an excuse for ditching them. Anybody else would write him off as a lunatic. He could see the headlines: Teenage Boy Possessed by Aliens. That would not be good at all.
      Turning his head as he mused, David surveyed his surroundings. His eyes settled on the trail twisting into the forest. Trying to judge how deep it wound, something caught his attention. Three sticks arranged in the shape of an arrow pointing into the woods had been placed at the trails beginning. Under it, etched in dirt, was the title No.13.
      It was his only choice. There was no other sign of help. Oblivious to the complaints of his fatigued body, he cautiously trudged down the dirt trail. Soon after he began, he came across a fork in the road. Which way should I go? he wondered in dismay. Then, just as he was about to turn back, something soft tugged at his mind. He turned to the left and felt a familiar warmth pull him forward. It was the lifeline that had saved him earlier. From then on, he followed the lifeline down whatever path it took him, the lifeline's energy growing the further he went.
      unexpectedly, the energy erupted, creating a transparent wall. It surprised David so much, that after slamming into it he stumbled back a few steps before regaining his balance. He walked forward, but crashed into the wall. This time he held his hands in front of him and tried to move past the wall, yet was still unable to. Again and again he tried, pushing harder than harder. The wall wouldn't budge.
      "Don't you know we need to go?" he shouted to no one in particular. Of course, there was no response. Frustrated, David kicked the wall. In that small moment of anger, an opening appeared. A dark presence flooded his mind. The alien being was trying to take control. David was going to be possessed again. Using all of his power to restrain the invader, he screamed.
      "Help!" he yelled urgently. "I'm being possessed! Help! Please!"
      Whirling around, David stopped in surprise. A slim figure in a black cloak had appeared on a crumbling wall to his right.
      "Are-are you here to help me?" he asked, meekly.
      The figure said nothing; only raised his arm as something appeared in his hand. And just like that, David found himself facing the point of a sword.

"It's not a question of can or can't. There are some things in life you just do."
                                                                                        - Lightning

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