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 WM's Untitled

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Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:55 pm
Just a heads up for the Mod; it gets a little gorey, but please keep as much in as you can. Thanks!

Chapter 4
       "Are you punks gonna move?" Kade's voice already sounded angry.
       "What if we don't? It's a free country." Josh's chin jutted out in defiance, fists at his sides.
       "This isn't the country; it's the city. And in the city we have rules, so I would suggest you move." The sound of Kade's cracking knuckles was a gunshot in the grim silence.
       "We're not moving." The tension between the two was amazing. David was positive he saw lightning crackle from their eyes.
       "Come on, Josh. We should go," Hannah finally said.
       "That's right; run like the chickens you are," taunted Kade.
       "Okay, that's it!" Josh tried to jump for Kade. It took all of David, Eddie and Hannah's combined strength to hold him back. Trying to free himself from his friends' grasp, Josh yelled madly, describing what he was going to do to Kade. The bullies laughed cruely.
       "Ahhhhh!" Forcing his captors back, Josh lunged at Kade. A powerful shove from the bully sent him crashing to the ground.
      David's anger suddenly flared. the rage he kept locked in the corners of his mind erupted, engulfing his head with thoughts of hatred and revenge. In his entire life, David had never felt such dark feelings.
      Without considering the consequences, he hit Kade with a flurry of attacks. An axe kick hit the shoulder, a back kick smashed into the stomach, and a face punch where the bones of the knuckles met the cartlidge of the nose.
      Breathing hard, David paused and his fury was quickly replaced with panic. As if waking from a trance, he blinked, clearing his vision. He looked downwhere Kade was doubled over covering his nose. What happened? Had Josh attacked? A strange feeling was in the pit of his stomach and he realized everyone was staring at him.
       Ralph was the first one to react. He advanced, muscles tense.
       "You're gonna pay for what you did to Kade," he growled.
      What is he talking about? David thought, puzzled. Then he noticed Josh, Eddie and Hannah. They looked as confused as him. But theirs was a fearful kind of confused.
      David stared at his friends, searching their eyes for an answer. Something wet  dripped off his right hand. He glanced down and froze, startled. Slowly, he raised his fist, making it level with his eyes. Bright red blood was splattered on the knuckles.
      No, no! thought David. This isn't real-It must be a nightmare! I wouldn't...I couldn't...
      He looked from one face to another. Ralph was getting closer, Zoe at his heels. Josh, Eddie and Hannah were behind him, but were too frightened to move. Ben was the only one who seemed unchanged.
      For the second time that day, David didn't stop to think of the consequences. Acting on pure instinct, he sprinted towards the school's back gate, shoving Ralph and Zoe aside and passing Ben, who was still unfazzed. Once through the gate, he ran in no particular direction, wanting only to escape the twisted scene behind.

 Re: WM's Untitled

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Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:45 pm
Did you write that its awesome I write books too I am writing a book called the crooked camp mystery

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