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 WNOP: Project # l / Finding the code

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Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:12 pm

Jennifer-(twirling her chair) I'm bored! Can't we go outside and catch some fresh air?
Maddison-(giving a stern look) It's below ten degrees, you really want to go outside?
Jennifer-It's better than staying in the house rotting.
Mom-(holding her frying pan) Listen, I know how much you want to see your dad...but, times are tough! I can't afford buying a whole bunch of stuff! I mean, we need to pay bills and look foreward to our dreams! We don't have time to see your father!
Jennifer-All you care about is your dreams. Can I at least enjoy my life?
Maddison-(now horrified) You are only tweleve. You are not the boss of mom.
Mom-Right..OUCH!!! (her hand all burnt up) See what happens in reality?! LIFE! And if you can't like it...don't live it!
Maddison-(walking away) Why even bother mom? She never listens.(snickering)
Jennifer-(angry) FINE!(walking to her room)
Mom-Don't even bother getting dinner.

Narrater-Jennifer was a mishap. An unwanted. She was never cool, she never had friends, and she was hated by family. Or her stepfamily. Her father loved her. He would do anything in the world for her. Even loose his job, house, identity, and family. Jennifer's stepmom married her father and devorcied him. Jennifer was trapped in her stepmom's house for months. And her stepmom had the same excuse,"we don't have the money and time," or ,"he's busy." Even though she was a millionare. But, Jennifer finds a secret door in her room and.....

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