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 Wolf Girl ( Chpacter 1)

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Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:08 am

Legends of the Dead Pioneer Forest


Wolf Girl



The Dream

A lady in a red cloak with flowing tan ginger hair was running, running from something, an unknown something. She was carrying something like a baby; no it couldn’t be a baby. Why was this something chasing her in the dark-deep woods? Then out of nowhere a big black figure jumped out of the trees. It was about to bite her neck; then BAM!!

Emily woke up with a jolt. This was a different night mare. She never really had dreams, she only had night mares. She never knew why. Was it because of her parents’ death twelve years ago?

She had only seen her dad in pictures, but never her mom. Was the lady in her dream her mom? No, that’s impossible Emily thought   to herself. Could it be? Emily shook her head to get the thought out. She sat up right on her bed then walked to her closet.

She picked out the clothes she wanted to wear and put them on her queen size bed. Emily picked out a bright hot pink t-shirt, a purple tank top, a pair of blue boot cut jeans, and pink socks with blue tiger stripes.

After she got dressed she walked back to her closet and got on all fours. She stopped at a dirty pile of old clothes and pushed it away to reveal a little lift up cupboard. Emily grabbed the metal handle and lifted up to reveal an old-tin slide built in the wall. Emily scooted onto the slide and with a mighty push, she slid down the slide. As the slide was coming to an end, Emily could see the back of the old picture that was hang in the living room. All of a sudden the picture in the living room lifted up which Emily knew would happen. In a matter of seconds she landed in an old pink chair that belonged to her aunt Isabelle who takes care of her.

“Good morning Emily,” said Aunt Isabelle. “How did you sleep Aunty?” Emily questioned. “Good and why?” she replied.  “I don’t know,” Emily said.  “Now get off the chair and have some breakfast, okay?” said Aunt Isabelle in a sweet gentile tone. “Sure,” said Emily as she slipped out of the old-pink chair. “Hurry up then, if you want some of my famous crepes,” said Aunt Isabelle in a joking tone. “Okay!” said Emily as she ran into the kitchen and sat in her spot at the dining table.  

           Aunt Isabelle set two steaming crepes on her plate; you could smell the vanilla wafting through the air. Emily’s mouth began to water as she slathered Aunt Isabelle’s secret chocolate sauce on the hot crepe. She plopped a big pile of cool whip on top and folded the crepe over in a burrito shape.

Emily finished her two crepes and waited for the other two that were still cooking. As the crepes were still cooking, Aunt Isabelle walked to the mirror hanging on the wall. She pulled her thick creamy caramel colored hair into a high ponytail off her neck. Emily always thought Aunt Isabelle’s hair was the prettiest.    Even Uncle Bill thought her hair was beautiful and almost every day he told Aunt Isabelle how pretty her hair was, especially with her emerald green eyes.

Suddenly Emily smelled something burning. Then Emily realized it was the crepes that were burning! “The crepes are burning!” shouted Emily. Aunt Isabelle turned away from the mirror and ran to the stove; she put the pan in the sink and turned the cold faucet on. Steam began to rise from the burned crepes. Aunt Isabelle turned the faucet off and then she took the pan out of the sink. “Well we can’t eat these anymore,” said Aunt Isabelle as she tossed the burned crepes into the trash. “I really didn’t want to have another crepe anyway,” said Emily in

a weird tone. “Since when are two of my famous crepes enough for you?” asked Aunt Isabelle. “Okay, I do want another one but I’m scared that it will go up in flames”.

“So did you have a dream last night?” said Aunt Isabelle trying to change the subject. “No, but I had a very weird nightmare,” said Emily in a disappointed tone. “Can I tell you about it?” said Emily. “Of course sweetie,” said Aunt Isabelle. “But would you like to tell me about your dream in the living room?” asked Aunt Isabelle. “Yes please,” said Emily.

Aunt Isabelle and Emily sat on a tan couch with creamy-white ruffles on the arm rest. “So, can I tell you about my dream now?” asked Emily. “Yes, you can Emily,” said Aunt Isabelle. “In my Dream, there was a lady with tan ginger hair; she was wearing a red cloak and she was carrying a baby I think. This black big figure was about to attack her when I woke up.”

Emily looked at Aunt Isabelle after she was finished telling her little story. Aunt Isabelle had a worried look on her face; she started to cry as she buried her face in the palms of her hands. “Oh, Emily sweet heart I should have told you the truth for the beginning, but I thought I would put you in danger,” moaned Aunt Isabelle. “What are you saying Aunt Isabelle?” said Emily in a worried voice. “Almost everything I ever told you has been a lie,” Aunt Isabelle moaned again. “Tell me everything that is a lie and tell me how my parents really died,” said Emily.

After Aunt Isabelle was done crying Emily mentally prepared for any gross or weird things Aunt Isabelle was going to tell her. “Emily, before I tell you more of what you need to know, I will tell you how your parents died; so prepare for what I’m about to tell you,” said Aunt Isabelle in a stern voice . “Yes, I already did,” said Emily in a sweet tone that her aunt used early this morning. Aunt Isabelle gave Emily a warm smile “Let’s start with your father first okay?” said Aunt Isabelle. “Okay,” said Emily, Aunt Isabelle placed a warm hand on Emily’s shoulder and looked her in the eyes. “Your father was murdered by a man named Karanlik Adam who is a dark man, who seeks fame, money and women especially your mother,” said Aunt Isabelle. “Ewe! The guy who killed my dad was hitting on my mom! Now that’s just gross,” said Emily in a gross out voice. “Yes, I have to admit that is gross,” said Aunt Isabelle.

“How did my mom die then?” asked Emily. “Your mother is not dead Emily; she is still a live, but is frozen solid ice,” said Aunt Isabelle. “Wow! What?” said Emily? “You heard me, solid ice,” said Aunt Isabelle.

“Wow, my mom is in solid ice! Can I go see her? Where is she?” questioned Emily. “No! You can’t because she is frozen somewhere in the dead pioneer forest and I do not want you to get killed!” said Aunt Isabelle in a panic tone.

“If I did know where your mother is in the Dead Pioneer Forest, it would be dangerous for the both us if we went,” said Aunt Isabelle. “Can we change the subject?” asked Aunt Isabelle. “Yes, we can,” said Emily.    

“Can you tell what my parents looked like?” asked Emily. “Yes, you have your father’s golden honey blonde hair but not his green- apple eyes; you have your mother’s sapphire-blue eyes with those little silver hicks in them. I am sad that you do not have your mother’s beautiful-ginger hair which became raven black,” said Aunt Isabelle. “So the lady in my dream is my mom?” asked Emily. “Yes,” replied Aunt Isabelle.   “So, the lady in my dream is my mom?” asked Emily. “Yes,” replied Aunt Isabelle. “Weird,” said Emily.

“Did my mom and you live in the dead pioneer forest?” asked Emily. “Yes, we did because your grandparents were and still are the rulers of the Le Royaume Noir, the kingdom in the middle of the dead pioneer forest,” said Aunt Isabelle. “So, you and my mom are princesses?” asked Emily. “Yes, we are,” replied Aunt Isabelle.

“So, what else is a lie?” asked Emily “Your name,” said Aunt Isabelle with sad eyes. “What! My own name is a lie! Who can that be?” said Emily. “I changed your name so Karanlik Adam could never find you,” said Aunt Isabelle. “So, what is my real name?” asked Emily “Otsoa” said Aunt Isabelle. “What in the world dose Otsoa mean?” asked Emily. “It means wolf in Basque” said Aunt Isabelle “mph” gowned Otsoa.

Otsoa got off the couch and walked to the glass sliding door. Emily realized that it would take a while to get used to being called Otsoa.      


I hope you liked my book!!  

 Re: Wolf Girl ( Chpacter 1)

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Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:40 am

OMG I love it!!!!! I want more!

 Re: Wolf Girl ( Chpacter 1)

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Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:19 pm
interesting, I like it. Oh, and, here's some charries for ya. Hope ya like 'em! Name: Jacob (Jake) Apperance: Tan, broad-shouldered, muscular, black hair, and brown eyes. Personality: Jake is kind, caring, considerate, compassionate, loyal, trustworthy, smart, brave, a good friend, has a crush on Emily and willing to do anything to keep her safe. Weapon: Sword. Other: He has been training to fight Karanlik Adam and thinks that if Emily searches for her mom all by herself, she could get captured....maybe killed. Name: Iris Apperance: Tan, black hair, brown eyes, and 5'4. Personality: Iris is a good friend, kind considerate, loyal, trustworthy, brave, smart, creative, clever and observant. Weapon: Bow&arrow Other: Has been training and wants to help stop Karanlik before he kills Emily, and is her neighbor, and is Felicty's twin. Name: Felicity Appperance: Tan, black hair, brown eyes, 5'4. Personality: Kind, caring, considerate, compassionate, loyal, trustworthy, a good friend, brave, smart, clever, observant and creative. Weapon: Sword. Other: Like Iris and Jake, she's been training and wants to stop Karanlik before Emily gets killed, and Iris is her twin. Name: Rick Appearance: Tan, black hair, brown eyes, broad-shouldered, muscular. Personality: Smart, kind, considerate, compassionate, loyal, trustworthy, good friend, clever and observant. Weapon: Bow&arrow Other: Trained to fight Karanlik, cousin of the twins, and doesn't have a crush on Emily, but based on what he sees, Emily seems to have a crush on Jake since she seems to look at him more than a friend and gets jealous when other girls are around him, which could mean that she does have a crush on Jake.

 Re: Wolf Girl ( Chpacter 1)

Joined: Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:45 am
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Fri May 04, 2012 1:40 pm
That was really nice! I can't wait to read Chapter 2!!!

 Re: Wolf Girl ( Chpacter 1)

Joined: Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:18 pm
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Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:24 pm
I sorry! i writen chpacter 2 many months ago but didn't have a chance to post it.

 Re: Wolf Girl ( Chpacter 1)

Joined: Tue Oct 23, 2012 8:04 pm
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Tue Oct 23, 2012 8:31 pm
That was so good. I wonder what happens to Emily/Otsoa next. Are you going to keep working on it and post more? I suggest trying to get it published, because that is some really good stuff! I really like 'Wolf Girl'. At first, I was like, ''Wolf Girl? Lame!'' But then, I realized why it was called that, and it makes a lot of sense now. Thank you so much for posting this-remember, I want more! I really like all the dialouge, but I think we should hear what Emily is thinking and how she feels about all this instead of the story being strictly dialouge, you know what I mean? I also suggest, since you do use so much dialouge, and its awesome, you should definitely start beginning a new paragraph each time a new person adds to the conversation. I'm not sure if that's what you were taught, but at my schools, it's always been like that. Also, I love your plot! I can tell what's going to happen through the book, though, and I'm not sure that's a good thing. It's really easy for me to tell that Emily is going to sneak off or go with Aunt Isabelle to try and save her mom....Well, actually....I like the idea of making it seem obvious what will happen next, because then you can write a whole series filled with adventure and the Karnick person or whatever their name is, even if they do save Emily's mother in the first book! I definitely think, with a plot so strong, you should make serveral volumes for it to be like a 'Wolf Girl' series! What do you think? Well, I know I criticized you a lot, but I really loved this, and I just had to give you a couple pointers so you'd keep writing it for us. Just post more PPPPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSEEEE! I really enjoyed your writing, and you are definitely talented. Thank you for submitting it, it made my day! No-'Wolf Girl' just made my week. Oh yeah! Thanks! :)

 Re: Wolf Girl ( Chpacter 1)

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Fri Aug 30, 2013 9:47 pm
Sorry everyone but I no longer writing anymore Wolf Girl. I'm so sorry!!!!! But I'm glad you guys love it!

 Re: Wolf Girl ( Chpacter 1)

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Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:59 pm

make chapter2 

 Re: Wolf Girl ( Chpacter 1)

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Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:21 pm

I think you should continue writiing Wolf Girl and here's other ideas I think should happen:

Emily: *looks around and then sees a bunch of Karanlik Adam's people and screams* Felicity! Jake! Iris! Rick! Help!

Felicity, Rick, Iris, Jake: EMILY!

Emily: *gulps* I'm gonna die, right?

Jake: No, you're not. *stabs one of Karanlik Adam's followers, and looks to see if Karanlik Adam is there*

Iris:  Hey, you creeps, leave our friend alone! *shoots arrows*

Felicity & Rick: Yeah, what she said you creeps! *use their weapons to stop the soldiers*

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