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 Wonder By: RJ Palacio Fan Fiction

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Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:15 pm

“Auggie Grows Up!”

Auggie’s Point of View-

Hey, I’m August Pullman as most of you know! I am starting college next week at  Roanoke College. I think college will be fun and exciting. I just wish my face wasn’t messed up. Jack Will and I are still friends. He’s going to Virginia Tech. I will miss hanging out with him. Summer moved away to Arizona in 7th grade. I really miss her and hope to see her again someday. Via and Justin bought their very first house about three months ago. Via is a nurse and Justin is a music teacher. Bear is living with Via and Justin. Hopefully when I get out of college he can move in with me. Mom and Dad are extremely proud of me for going to college. I just hope I make it out okay.


Today is the last day i’ll be living with mom and dad. I’m sad about that so is mom and dad. Tomorrow morning we are leaving and catching a plane to go to Virginia. Jack and his family are coming to. Via and Justin are coming for dinner tonight to say their last goodbyes. We also have to pick some things up for my dorm. I’m only taking two suitcases and a bag.


We finally made it to the airport! I get the window seat on the plane. This morning Mom,Dad,Jack,Jack's  parents, and I went to this little pancake house and had breakfast. I had two pancakes and eggs. In about 2 hours we will make it to Roanoke! I’m happy and scared.


We made it to Roanoke! My roommate's name is Josh he seems cool. He invited me to a party tonight but I told him I wasn't into parties that much. He made me a little sad when he was like man how are you supposed to get a girlfriend with a face like that. Mom and Dad are already catching another plane. Jack is on his way to his college. I just hope I can make some new friends.


2 years later-

I finally finished college! I’m starting a job next week at a Bank. I still live with mom and dad right now but i’m hoping to get a house soon! Via is having a baby boy! I met this girl her name is Jessica she’s very nice and pretty. My life is going pretty good! I hope it stays this way!








 Re: Wonder By: RJ Palacio Fan Fiction

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Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:52 pm

Very nice!

 Re: Wonder By: RJ Palacio Fan Fiction

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Fri Jun 09, 2017 1:07 pm

Hello its presidentbloudhound17! thats a good made up story try to reply fats thanks.

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