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 **Writing Challenge** Song-Timer Thingy: HP Edition!

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Sun Dec 20, 2015 12:14 pm

Hey guys! :D


Here is a writing challenge/shuffle game combo: grab your music players/playlists and enable the shuffle option. Then write a short fanfic inspired by the song, for as long as the song is playingOnce the song is over, you must stop writing.




  • Your story must be a Harry Potter fanfiction. There's the general fandom/original content version of this challenge in That Other Fan Fiction Board. ;) Other than that, your fic can be about anything, as long as it's appropriate and HP-related. Pairings, AUs, OCs, you name it. Crossovers are also allowed (as long as HP is involved).
  • Once the song is over, you seriously have to stop writing! Correcting anything it or playing the song again to get you more time is a form of cheating! Just leave it be, shh, it's already perfect.
  • Of course, you aren't obligated to post what you just wrote if you don't want to. We're only doing this for fun.
  • You are allowed to play the song you got once before you start writing, to get ideas.
  • You can also skip songs if you can't get inspired or whatnot.
  • You must skip all songs that are inappropriate, either because of language or content. Keep it PG13 (at most)!
  • If you feel that a song with questionable content is still appropriate enough to be mentioned on this board, please mention all warnings that apply.
  • Do NOT break any board rules. Regradless of your song's content, your story has to be appropriate.
  • HAVE FUN! :P



Here's the form:


Song Title:
Warnings (language, content, etc.):
Author's Note:



So there you are! Enjoy! :D

 Re: **Writing Challenge** Song-Timer Thingy: HP Edition!

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Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:15 pm


Song Title: He Used To Be A Lovely Boy
Duration: 03:29
Artist: Keane
Warnings (language, content, etc.): N/A
Author's Note: This song has always reminded me of Harry :(


"Thank you, Professor McGongall." and with that, the young man -barely more than a child, truly- draped in a dark travelling cloak, bowed respectfully to his old teacher and took his leave.


Once the door was closed behind him, McGongall took of her glasses and rested her temple on her hands, allowing herself to let out a tired sigh.


"He's doing his best, Minerva. As are you." spoke Albus Dumbledore's portrait softly.


"I know, Albus" she said, not looking up "He's doing so much. More than enough- more than anyone could ask for. I'm not demanding anything more from the boy. It's just that... He's grown into this lonely man so fast..."


Dumbledore and the rest of the portraits nodded in silent agreement. Snape pretended to be sleeping.


 Re: **Writing Challenge** Song-Timer Thingy: HP Edition!

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Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:21 pm

Another because I'M ON FIRE (so light em up up up!)


Song Title: Hopeless Wanderer
Duration: 05:03
Artist: Mumford and Sons
Warnings (language, content, etc.): N/A
Author's Note: I'M CRYING.


Dawn began to brake at last, and the young woman opened the back door of her house, walking in the frozen morning air draped in an oversized travelling cloak, and ran all the way to the edge of the woods, where she waited, waited, her heart beating fast, her mind creating more and more scary thoughts every minute that passed.

At last, though, the weak figure of her husband appeared at the dark path, walking slowly towards her. On that moment he always seemed so fragile, as if he was hardly part of that world, as if he could disappear right on that moment back into the darkness and never come back. But he always walked straight into the newborn daylight, and that's when she finally ran to him, draping them both in his cloak, and holding him close. 


"Good morning, Dora." he whispered at her, somehow managing a smile, his hands slowly wrapping around her. "I had a bit of a rough night" he murmured, burying his head in her shoulder. And she was going to be tending his wounds soon, but that moment was theirs.

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