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 YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Sat May 12, 2007 4:58 am
My Character: Samara Ponte
Character Age: 16
Setup: Samara is an orphan. She lives alone in MyleTown (fiction) and has a cat Magic to whom she talks and confides. Intelligent but slightly passionate, Samara goes to school on scholarship and works the rest of the time to make ends meet. She is not generally outgoing with peers though, her marked status as an orphan isolates her from others.
Description: Samara is slender but athletic. Her hair is a dark misty cloud of curls, up till her shoulders. Her eyes are her beauty- viridian, large, almond-shaped with curling eyelashes. The skin on her wrists is transparent- you can see the veins inside. Her features are pointed but soft. She is deft with her nimble hands and moves smoothly.
Mood: Right NOW, Samara is carefree. Days r going on as usual-filled with a lot of work and to-do things. She likes to be busy so that she doesn't have to actually face reality- face life.
Faves: Samara is a die-hard naturelover. She loves reading (like all of us) and is hardly ever seens without her journal. She writes poems about how she feels- it comes naturally to her. She loves Magic (her cat) the most in the world...and wud do anything to her. Samara feels her cat is near human. Truly, in the story, Magic plays a central role, and is a unique cat.
Detests: Hypocrisy is something she can't stand. Samara also hates prissy girls and boys who show off and are rude and rough. Her small three-room apartment is always in order but crammed because she hates bare untidiness. She hates too sweet food, pink, and lies.
Story Setting: MyleTown.

On a hot summer evening, a sixteen yr old girl bustles around swiftly in a restauraunt. Her curls are tied back in a bobbing ponytail as she deftly juggles clearing and setting tables, taking orders and serving people. A couple enters the restaurant. They sit and with a smile, the girl gives them menu cards. In another minute she sets cold water in front of them. 'What would you like?' 'Umm...two cheeze pizzas and coke. Please make it quick- and good.' She jots down the order quickly. 'At your service.'

Her smoothness intrigues people. Samara Ponte is a girl of mystery. Her parents died when she was a baby and she was brought up by a very old, very poor lady who took pity on her. Samara was eight when the 'old lady' died too- leaving her the small apartment. She'd never moved since. Samara had no friends; there were rumours she talked to her cat.

At six in the evening, she leaves the restauraunt with a few cash notes in her purse. She buys a can of cat food, and groceries occasionally and continues her steady pace home. After the door is shut at seven, no one knows what happens inside. But at seven thirty, every single morning, she leaves for school, a worn-out rucksack slung over her shoulders. Nothing ever deviated her from this routine....or so it seemed.

On Tuesday, Samara did not go to her restauraunt. For the first time since she had joined at fourteen, she excused herself from work. People saw her running home. Those who caught a glimpse at her face swore she was crying. But of course, only the black cat, Magic, would know what was wrong.

'Magic...' her voice was hoarse and choked. The cat was puzzled and gently butted her owner. 'The counsellor says she can't allow me to go on like this. The school wants all tenth-graders to start off with their Career Options work on their future. They say I can't continue school like this. Money is short for my fees. What should i do?' Magic stared back at her with amber eyes.

What should she do?

YOUR TURN, X!: (Pass the story over to another character.)

OK, so this is how much I cud understand about what I have to do. Since there r no other characters, I have to leave it to the others to continue making characters and the plot, isn't it???

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Fri May 18, 2007 2:56 pm
WOW! that was great. good detail and everythig! My L.A teacher would be proud if i wrote somthing like that!

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Mon May 21, 2007 9:30 pm
She felt so, so sad and angry at the same time! Magic looked at her wih his big magical eyes then all of a sudden Magic started talking. " Follow me," He jumped off the couch " Are ya comin'," Magic asked. " I guess..." Samara was very confused, but she followed her only hope. He led her almost out of Myletown but stopped in front of a huge iron barred gate. Magic climbed it, Samara knew what he expected her to do. So with out letting him speak she started climbing when she reached the top she asked " What now?" " Climb down the other side." he directed as he did as he told.

" Magic we've been following this trail for hours!" Moaned Samara Magic started to say:"we didn't come all this way..." he stopped when he saw what he saw " It's beautiful, it's perfect," she whispered " It's a...."

I hope that was good katie, do you think it was good???

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Tue May 22, 2007 3:12 pm

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Fri Oct 19, 2007 5:43 pm
"it's a.... what??"
That was the question asked by Samara. Magic just stared at nothing. "Magic..." 
"Samara... isn't it... beautiful...?"
"I don't see anything, Magic."
Magic stared up at her. "You don't?"
"Oh! I forgot..." whispered Magic. Out of nowhere he whipped out a gleaming blue crystal pendant on a silver shinig cord. "Put this on..."
Samara didn't know what to do. So she just put on the necklace and then saw what Magic was talking about. It was a tree. Not an ordinary tree. It was silver, with beautiful blue flowers entwined around the trunk and branches. The leaves were bright green. " I wonder how to climb it.." said  Samara, gazing up in amazement. Suddenly, a silver rope appeared entwined with yet more blue flowers. It looked delicate and fragile, but as she began to climb it, it was quite sturdy. Magic sat on her shoulder, and seemed like hours before they reached the top. At the top there was a silver castle, and Samara knocked on the door. It opened. A silver throne sat at the end of the hall, with a man sitting on it. He wore blue and green robes. He looked much like Samara herself.
His caring voice said quietly, "Aaahh... my daughter..."

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Fri Nov 09, 2007 10:09 am
"Magic, where are we going?" asked Samara. "To a magical world with all sorts of magical creatures," said Magic. "But in what part of it are we actually going to?" asked Samara. "You'll soon find out when we get there,"  said Magic. "Magic, this isn't going to work out, you know, the part about oh, uh, you know, the directions and stuff to where we're going," said Samara, annoyed.

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Wed Nov 14, 2007 5:49 pm
I agree with u

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Fri Dec 07, 2007 7:18 pm
I agree goofygoober

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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... beautiful house! Why are we here?"
"I have to tell you something. The old lady said that once you turned 16, you were to move into this house. She said it before she died." Magic said.
"How will we get our stuff here?" questioned Samara.
"Call someone. We can use some of the money you were saving for a car, if you don't mind." replied Magic.
"OK! This has to be the best day of my life!" exclaimed an excited Samara.
Samara called someone to move all of the stuff to the house, but there was one HUGE problem still existing.
"What shall we do about school?" asked Samara.
"Well, the old lady also said that a tutor will come here everyday once you move in. You wouldn't have to worry about a thing!" answered Magic.
At that moment, the moving truck arrived with all the stuff. Samara unloaded it and brought it into the huge mansion. She unpacked it excitedely. Then, she realized that her Mother and Father's rings were missing. She had to get back to the apartment, before it was too late!

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Sat Aug 02, 2008 12:54 am

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Thu Aug 14, 2008 6:34 pm

"When you risk win big."


 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:41 pm
nice job!

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Tue Mar 24, 2009 8:35 pm
Man, and I thought I was good! You should really think of publishing that. Excellent work! Mine is weird and after submitting it, I didn't quite know where it went. Oh well! Anyway, I love that story.

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Wed Dec 16, 2009 6:56 pm
i think the story was good in everything.

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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Wow ... I know this is a kind of late reply (okay, okay, it's a mega-late reply!) but this is the first time I've ever seen this story. Anyway, I just wanted to say that it TOTALLY ROCKS. The story, I mean. It's totally amazing.

 Re: YAY...Im the first one...herez the story start!

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It's a ...pond?" she spun around and looked at Magic. "Why did you bring me here?" she demanded.
"Just go talk to the pond." yawned Magic" You'll see what I mean" he finished with a grin." Crazy cat" muttered Samara. The pond was in the middle of a clearing, with water clear, something really clear? " So,um hiya Mr.Pond. How's it,um, going?" she asked the pond awkwardly. "Go on! Ask the pond for something!" encouraged Magic." Um... Mr.Pond can I have um...5 bucks?" she asked again with as much awkwardness. Suddenly, Samara saw a giant leaf on the water's surface. But it wasn't a leaf. It was a 5 dollar bill!!! " Huh??? Magic... How did you find this place? And how can you talk? And why is-"she started to say when Magic cut her off by saying : " Quick! Make your last wish! Someone's coming!" So she quickly whispered something to the pond,picked up her 'gift' and scurried to hide behind the same bush as Magic. Just in time,too! At the exact moment she ducked under the bush, a young man walked into the clearing. Then he...

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